Our brand story begins with love.

In 2015, our daughter Lila was born and it lead me down a new path. I was a Hairstylist before having kids and have lived a plant-based lifestyle as a vegetarian for a lot of my adult life.

As a new Mom, there were lots of things I wasn’t prepared for — itchy stretch marks and diaper rash challenges were near the top of the list.

Rashes on your newborn and stretch marks on your stomach can be frustrating. After months of bad experiences with natural creams I decided to use my background in formulating hair colour corrections to create my own balm formula for rashes and itchy, dry skin.

Testing and tweaking and repeating this process led to the creation of our diaper + belly balm that worked, and worked well. It felt great to know that our daughter was comfortable and I wanted to share my creation with other Mom’s struggling with similar challenges.

We started with local shows and quickly realized that people were very interested in our story and focus on ultra-premium quality.

Lila Loves Organics was officially launched in 2019 with our unique line of body balms and mini bath bombs that are rich with organic plants extracts and essential oils designed to nourish the mind and body for your whole family.

My wife got me this new Organic Oils Body Butter from Lila loves Organics and I love it!

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— Steve Young

Why People Love our Products

The products that we put onto our body are as important as the food we put into it.

Clean family Body Care, crafted with only the finest quality organic plant extracts and essential oils.

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