Leave the Dry Skin and Artificial Ingredients Behind

  • Rich with Organic Plant Extracts + Natural Salts + Butters

  • Organic Essential Oil Infused

  • Plant-Based Ingredients that Nourish Your Skin

  • Proudly Made in Canada

  • Nothing Artificial

  • Planet-Friendly

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Paraben+ Phthalate-Free

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In 2015, our daughter Lila was born and it lead me down a new path. I was a Hairstylist before having kids and have lived a plant-based lifestyle as a vegetarian for a lot of my adult life.

As a new Mom, there were lots of things I wasn’t prepared for — itchy stretch marks and diaper rash challenges were near the top of the list…

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It’s our mission to inspire more people to embrace a plant-based lifestyle that will improve their well-being and help create a better planet for our children.

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The products that we put onto our body are as important as the food we put into it.

Clean family Body Care, crafted with only the finest quality organic plant extracts and essential oils.

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