Cool Facts About Himalayan Pink Salt

✨Say What?! Saturdays✨Join Me in Learning Cool Plant Based Facts🌱

✨This week's Say What?! Saturday has me feeling a bit salty…😆🧂✨

Did you guess that we’re talking about Himalayan Pink Salt today?!💓

This salt has so many super cool benefits and a very interesting history.🧐

Himalayan Pink Salt doesn’t actually come from the Himalayas. It comes from the Khewar Salt Mines in Pakistan.

Legend has it, Alexander the Great and his troops located the Salt in 326 BC!😲

At some point they were passing the Jhelum River in Pakistan. They stopped to rest and their horses began to lick the rocks. It was then discovered the stones were salty.

The Salt mines are estimated to be over 250 million years old and formed during the Jurassic Era.🤯

According to historical accounts the Salt was first used to preserve food like meat and fish.

However, it was eventually discovered that this unique Salt had many healthful benefits.

When used topically it is a brilliant exfoliator and cleanser. It also works to reduce skin roughness, flaking and dryness.

In a bath, this salt helps to soothe tight muscles, soften skin and most importantly re-energize your body and mind.😌

My personal fave way to enjoy Himalayan Pink Salt is in combination with aromatherapy, using Organic Essential Oils in a bath.🌿💦

This personal love of body care with benefits started us on the path to creating our ➡️ Organic Essential Oils Bath Bomb Minis!

It has allowed us to share our passion for both plant-based benefits and self-care love.🌱

We also chose today’s topic because we see more and more people choosing healthy, raw, natural ingredients not just in their eating but also for their skin routines…And we are here for it!🙌

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As always, a gentle reminder to practice an act of self-love everyday. It will provide fuel for your inner light to shine bright!🌟🙏










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