✨Say What?! 😲Saturdays✨ Join Me In Learning About Cool Plant Based Facts

✨Say What?! 😲Saturdays✨ Join Me In Learning About Cool Plant Based Facts

✨Introducing… Say What?! Saturdays✨ 

The purpose behind “say what?! Saturdays” is to educate and inspire! All blog posts will be connected to plant based life here on earth and the ingredients we use in our Lila Loves Organics products.

My intention for you joining my blogging journey is to learn something you didn’t know before today.
Here we go! 

Vanilla is one of the world’s favorite flavors. In a poll done by Datassential 81% of consumers love or like vanilla…94% have tried it.

Vanilla planifolia is a vining orchid that can reach up to 300 feet in its native environment. The flower on a vanilla plant only blooms for 24 hours and must be pollinated or the flower dies.🐝

Only the melipona or euglema bees found in Central America can pollinate the flower. In other parts of the world humans have to duplicate the process by hand using a wooden needle.

Now it’s time to say out loud…🔈Say What?!

Aren’t plants amazing?
Now you know how one of the essential oils used in our organic bath and body products is grown.

Pretty cool eh!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Keep an eye out for another next Saturday.

Thanks for reading and a gentle reminder to practice an act of self love everyday, it will provide fuel for your inner light to shine bright.💫 

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