✨Say What?! 😲 Saturdays✨ Join Me In Learning Cool Plant Based Facts!

✨Say What?! 😲 Saturdays✨ Join Me In Learning Cool Plant Based Facts!

✨Say What?! Saturday is here once again and we are discussing plant magic!✨

I’m talking about Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder!💙💜

These unique flowers are native to Southern Asia. It is said that they were first found in the Indonesian city of Ternate. It is believed they were then brought to India in the 17th century and then eventually to Europe. 

What makes this beautiful flower super special is its magical color-shifting ability.

The dried powder from this flower starts off bright blue, add a squeeze of lemon and it turns violet!! The secret?? 👉 It changes hue in response to a change in pH.😲 

However, this plant is not only dazzling on the outside, but when used topically it has some incredible benefits for your skin as well.

The powder has a soothing anti-inflammatory effect that can help to calm skin irritation and redness. It can also be very beneficial to those who have skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.

As well it is jam packed with powerful antioxidants that protect our skin from pollution damage and free radicals.🌱

If you want to experience this amazing flower powder’s power we use it in our Lavender Dreams 💜Organic Essential Oil Bath Bomb Minis!💦🛁

Thanks for reading today’s Say What?! Including a gentle reminder to practice an act of self love everyday. It will provide fuel for your inner light to shine bright!⭐️🙏


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